Added Another Person

We added another viewer in Devices Sharing. Just curious if there is any kind of alert showing who else is watching the cam at the same time we are. Also if we remove their name from the Sharing area … can they still see the camera?

Hello @bjohnson, once another account has been added you won’t get any notification when they are viewing the live stream and when the account has been removed from viewing the camera they won’t have access to viewing the live stream or any other settings.

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Thanks for the prompt response … I am enjoying the exploring…my other 2 camera’s (cam pan) should be arriving monday.

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There is a place in the app where you can see the access history of the shared users.

It was removed at one point, and is now back in the beta app. Not sure if it’s back in the production app yet and I’m not where I can check right now.

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went into the account area and shared users…dont see that feature in there…I will look for it…thanks for the heads up