Add separate notification option on smoke alarm & co alarm

I had my smoke alarm go off but due to the notification option turned off for people, option motion, and sound it apparently never sent out the alarm notification (which was turned on).

this was very confusing because smoke and CO were not listed under the Notification option and I thought even if the smoke and Co alarm notifications were enabled it would override a notification switch for such an IMPORTANT notification.

Certainly there is a better way and less confusing way.

Maybe when you turn off the notification switch users get a pop up that informs them they wont get SMOKE or CO2 alarm notifications if they turn it off???


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The way you describe is the way it’s supposed to work. Smoke/CO alarm notifications are independent of those for motion/sound/person for the cameras.

Is it possible you had the master switch (bell icon) on the app’s home screen turned off. There will be a slash through it when it’s off. That, I believe, does override the Smoke/CO notifications.

If not, please submit a Support Request for this issue.