Add scene button for wyze bulb no longer appearing?

I currently have 3 scenes. Just noticed the add button not showng after modifying an entry.

Welcome to the Forum, @richerunner!
You don’t give a lot of information about what device, app version etc. you are using. In general it helps the forum folks to know all or some of this info:
-Phone or other Device type and OS version on phone/tablet
-Wyze Device Type and model,
-Wyze app version. (Home Screen/Account/About). Beta or Production Version
-Firmware version installed on Wyze device (Settings (gear icon top-right)/Device Info/ Firmware Version) - “latest” and “up to date” are subjective and will change as updates occur
-Type of router (brand, model, is it from your ISP?). Is your WiFi using a dual band or a single SSID broadcast. Most importantly, are you on the 2.4g band?
I’m going to assume you are not Beta testing but using the general Public app. If so, have you updated to the most recent version of both the app and the device firmware?
Is this what you meant by a Scene? If so, I could not duplicate the problem. I am using IOS with the public app and updated to todays version of firmware. Please post back with more info - there are lots of folks here who will be happy to help!

Device: Wyze light bulb firmware
Phone: Motorola MotoZ3
Currently I have 3 scenes added. When you change a setting an add button is supposed to appear below the brightness and hue bars. It did work when I creates my 3 scenes.

OK, Solved myself. Looks like you are only allowed 3 scenes per bulb. I deleted one off mine and then was able to add it back. If you are allowed more then 3, there is still a problem.