Wyze lighting products - Allow more than 10 saved Scenes

Provide More Than 10 Saved Scenes (Wyze Light Strip)

I have a suggestion for a feature request that has to do with controlling the Light Strip / Light Strip Pros with the Wyze app. I searched and didn’t find anyone else suggesting the same thing.

Please increase the limit of 10 saved Scenes for custom lighting designs.

[Mod Edit]: Title and tags modified to be more inclusive and to enhance search clarity. This wishlist request involves a Wyze app change and is applicable to all Wyze lighting products.

I tested your “max 10 user-created scenes” scenario against all Wyze lighting products and found the same limitation of 10 scenes applies to all Wyze lighting products. This feature enhancement of allowing more than 10 scenes needs to be applied at the app level for all lighting products and the request title now indicates this.

Examples of 10 scene limitation:

Wyze Bulb White (Bulb v2):

Wyze Bulb Color:

Don’t forget to vote for your own request. It’s a good idea! :+1:


Great idea. I like that Seapup thought to include all lighting so it can gain support from more users who may not have lightstrips but would still benefit from this same concept.

I admit that when I have a small limitation like this, it makes me less likely to do any scenes because I feel like I’m wasting a limited slot. Then I sit in use-paralysis and not use it at all. If there is a larger number with more leeway then I am more likely feel like it’s no big deal if I use a bunch just to play around with it because I’ll still have a bunch more left open. Having more is psychologically beneficial even if I am not going to use them all. Kind of like Cam Plus Unlimited. Since I have a bunch of empty licenses, I am more likely to buy more Wyze cams because I have tons of Cam Plus Licenses to spare. Wyze has sold several more cams to me because of this. If I had to buy each one separately, then I would’ve been more hesitant and would have fewer purchases.