Bug: When tapping saved color/scene, color wheel icon doesn't update

I have the latest version of the Wyze iOS app, and a Wyze Bulb Color with the latest firmware. I noticed that when I tap a scene (saved color), the little circle within the overall color wheel that indicates the current color doesn’t actually update (it remains on the last area/color that was tapped by the user). Instead, it should update to jump to the color of the bulb itself. For reference, the circular light bulb icon at the very top of the app screen does update to reflect the current color regardless of how it is changed. I hope this makes sense and please let me know if I can elaborate. Thank you!

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I’m not sure it ever updated the press dot on the color pallet.

The reason I say this is that if the bulbs are grouped, a press on the color pallet changes the color of all bulbs within the group.

However, if a multicolor scene is chosen, the bulbs at the top display their individual colors for the scene but the press dot on the color wheel has no way of updating to both of the colors. It would have to switch to one. Which does it choose?

If there are a large number of bulbs, each with its own color variation in the scene, the color dot would have to pick one and it would then be wrong for all the rest.

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Thanks for the response! I may have used the incorrect term—in this case I am talking only about a single bulb (not a group of bulbs). When I scroll down, there are Wyze pre-saved colors that have the heading “Scenes,” and this is the scenario I’m referring to about the circle within the color pallet not updating.

That is the same user interface I am referring to when there are multiple bulbs.

Regardless of if there is a single bulb or there is a group of bulbs, it uses the same single color wheel and the same Scenes selector.

So, the UI would have to be able to react the same for one bulb and multiple bulbs when different scenes are selected. Since there are multi-colored scenes when there are multiple bulbs, the UI would have to deal with both the same way and that isn’t possible when there are multi-colored scenes.

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Gotcha, this makes sense. Does it sound reasonable to request that, when the color is changed via scene or a group of multiple bulbs have different colors, that the UI circle in the color wheel disappears (since it’s not actually referencing anything other than the last user-selected-color-via-color-wheel)? I could make a post in the Wish List or do whatever is suggested. Thanks!

No. The color wheel is the only means to adjust the color of one, several or all bulbs. In addition, without the color wheel, you can’t adjust your bulb color preferences in order to create and save a custom scene.

For sure. What I meant was that if a user selects a color via a scene, that the little circle within the color wheel becomes hidden, since it’s no longer referring to the current bulb color.

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In order to select/change scene, user has to tap the Scenes icon. There is no color wheel on the Scenes interface. If user elects to navigate to the Design interface by tapping the Design icon, the color wheel provides the user the ability to change and save color settings based on the bulb icon selections located at top of screen. The Design interface is intended to allow creating and modifying Scene designs for a single bulb or multiple grouped bulbs and the color wheel does not reflect current selection for multiple bulbs (it is merely an editing tool). The icons on the Scenes interface do, however show multiple color selections generated from the Design interface. Kind of confusing, especially given no existing instructions/tutorial.