Add out door camera Device

Having difficulty adding my new outdoor camera to my app. I only have one outdoor camera. It says I need to install a base station. Is this correct? I never read anything about needing to purchase a base station.

Welcome to the forums! Did you only order the expansion camera or the starter kit? The WCO needs a base station to connect to.

A base station is included with the Starter Kit. The expansion camera does not come with a base station.

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Thanks. I was not aware I need to purchase a base station.

fyi the base station under normal use conditions needs be hardwired to your router so the cam can work without being wired, something maybe to consider.

that said evidently it can be used wirelessly? something about the camera activating a ‘wifi hotspot’ say if not at home. in that mode it connects directly to your phone. i have not done that it is only what i got from reading the info that came with.

This is called travel mode.

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Welcome to the Wyze community @Craig717!
If you need the hard-wired base station to be closer to the camera, you can use a range extender or access point with an ethernet port.

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