Add On-Duty options when installing new sensors

When I add new sensors, I tend to forget to assign them to be “On-Duty” for Away or Home monitoring. When adding a sensor, how about an additional page (like you have for Shariing) with a pair of check boxes, like this:

Would you like to assign this sensor to be on-duty for: [ ] Home [ ] Away?

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Great :bulb: idea!

Could be a screen selection in the choreography of the HMS activation. But, the Wyze Sense Hub can be installed without the HMS subscription. In which case, On Duty and Off Duty is a moot point.

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But even without the subscription, it would then trigger the alarm, right? I assume On Duty and Off Duty are associated with the alarm siren, not just the monitoring. In other words, if something isn’t On Duty, it will do nothing when triggered (except a notification, if you have that on).

No. Without the subscription you would loose all access to settings and functions within the Monitoring Tab.

The Alarm Siren, as well as on and off duty sensor assignment, is a function of the monitoring tab.

Without the HMS, all you get are the individual sensor settings. All sensors will tone at the hub, you can’t even adjust that. You also have availability of the sensors for automation rules and routines which is what some users use them for without the HMS.


Well, I guess it’s still a helluva lot cheaper than ADT.


Yes, it certainly is.

I have the Sense Hub and the HMS. The HMS Noonlight Home Monitoring “DIY” security system was the gateway service for me into the Wyze Ecosystem. I did a lot of research prior to selecting it and selected it for the richness of features at the price offered. I have been very satisfied with it.