Add chime independent of doorbell transformer - remote chime

I replaced a wireless doorbell with the Wyze V2 wired doorbell. I simply wired a 24V transformer to where I wanted the doorbell. Works fine. However, I have no existing inside chime (except the one dedicated to the previous wireless doorbell) so would like to add an interior chime. This could be wired off another 24V transformer, but it will not have any direct wired connection to the Wyze doorbell.

However, I don’t see any provision or settings for a truly remote chime, which seems odd (if not ironic). I’m probably overlooking something, but since I don’t keep my phone on my person 24/7, how can I add an audible interior chime without connecting to the same transformer as the Wyze doorbell?

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The Remote Chime on the VDBv2 requires being wired into the doorbell 24v circuit. There is no wireless chime compatibility with the VDBv2 like there is for the VDBv1 and the VDBPro.

However, there are ways to get around this that would be both cumbersome and slow to react.

As I understand it, the Doorbell Press Triggers within Alexa and Google Home do not exist for the VDBv2 (yet?). The VDBv1 has a trigger for this in Alexa but not in Google Home. The VDBPro has this in Alexa, I am not sure about Google Home as mine is still on the shelf awaiting installation.

The Alexa Triggers make it easy for Alexa Smart Speakers to act as chimes when the doorbell is pressed, but if the trigger isn’t there for the VDBv2, it makes it a bit more difficult but still possible. It will also increase latency.

This requires another Wyze relay device that does have a trigger in Alexa and Google Home. I use a Wyze Plug although other Wyze devices will work so long as they have an “On” or “Off” Trigger in Alexa or Google Home.

The doorbell press will trigger a Wyze Rule to turn on the plug for 1m. A Routine in Alexa or Google Home will trigger when the plug receives an “On” command from the server. The Routine Action will be to play a tone or announcement on the Alexa or Google Home device. If the plug is already on, and the doorbell is consecutively pressed, the Routine will still trigger since Alexa and Google Home Automation Routines trigger from the Wyze Server sending the “On” command to the device rather than the actual state of the device.

Another option, which also requires a Wyze Relay device, is to find an Alexa or Google Home Smart Chime that has Actions available within Alexa or Google Home Routines. I did a cursory search for one to post as an example, however I am now questioning if one exists. Perhaps another user can point to one. I would be interested in purchasing several for multiple applications.

Thanks - I think my issue is in trying to understand what the wireless chime controller is actually doing. In a normal wired doorbell, pushing the bell completes a circuit which triggers the connected (and powered) chime. It is unclear if the Wyze Doorbell V2 has any ability to ring a chime via the wiring directly (as in the doorbell unit completes a circuit) but it is clear it requires a “controller” to be wired in do do so. That would preclude any relay-type switch at the outdoor unit (would that be so hard to do?)

The function of the controller is not explained well (IMO), nor is its circuitry. For good reasons, it is presented as a “attach this wire here and that wire there” language. I would like to know what it is doing and how the circuit is configured ( a schematic would be great - unless it is a trade secret, of course. If the controller received a command (wired? wirelessly?) from the doorbell, Does it close the chime circuit to ring the chimes?. Or put another way, does the controller require the controlled chimes to still be part of the doorbell circuit? The 24V part is easy, of course

I have managed to follow the somewhat convoluted process of having a V2 doorbell press activate my Alexa Show and announce. What is odd is that I get not notification via the Wyze app. Shouldn’t that be a given? Or has setting up Alexa notifications somehow “broken” Wyze’s own app’s connection? I can still view the doorbell camera normally in the app - it just does not see a doorbell push as an event there, despite notifying Alexa… Odd. Oh well - early days. At the moment, it would seem the simplest practice is leave the old button and just piggyback the V2 off it. Then add a little sign that says “Ring both bells”

It does not. The press of the button on the doorbell sends a signal to the Chime Controller which then activates to close a secondary, normally open, chime circuit and sound the chime. The Doorbells are Single Closed Circuit powered 100% of the time. If the circuit were left open for the button press to close it, the doorbell would have no power to operate. The Chime Controller takes care of this by maintaining a secondary normally open circuit just for the chime. When the doorbell tells it to chime, it momentarily closes the secondary Chime circuit so the mechanical chimes will sound.

There are ways to determine if the Chime Controller operates by wired signal or wireless, but I’m not sure that would really provide any additional helpful knowledge since it needs to be wired into the same circuit.

The doorbell will operate without the Chime Controller, but it cannot momentarily close the circuit on the Mechanical Chime without it wired into the circuit

So long as you have Notifications enabled for the doorbell, yes you should get a Push notification. Unless you have the VOIP enabled and the call isn’t coming thru.

But… Make sure your firmware and App are up to date. I know they were working on a fix that was placing the button press within the 5m cooldown. I’m not sure where they are on that issue.

Thanks for that info - very helpful. So if the doorbell is sending a wireless command to the controller module to close the chime circuit, should it not be possible to use a separately powered chime that is not actually powered from the same transformer?

As to “VOIP enabled”, is this an actual setting in the V2 Settings? The closest thing I can find is the “responses” control from the camera monitor screen, which would appear to sound a “canned” response (choice of three). I do not see any VOIP setting within the actual doorbell controls. Thanks again

If the signal is RF, theoretically the Doorbell and the Chime Controller could be on separate power circuits. But, I am relatively sure this is not the case. All literature and feedback indicate that same circuit wiring is a requirement although the reason for this isn’t documented. I suspect this is because it is a wired signal. The test to verify that I mentioned above would be to hook it up that way and press the button.

No. It is an app setting within the Account>Notifications>Push Notifications>Voice Over IP settings. When the VOIP is active, it calls the phone rather than sending a Push Notification. However, most Android phones have to also configure the Virtual SIM used for this within their Phone App settings to get it to accept the incoming VOIP Video Call.

Ah - OK. So it remains a bit of a mystery how the communication occurs. I agree it may use the wiring to send a signal since there are often some distances involved. I think I can deal with this by connection a new chime to the existing transformer powering the doorbell - it just won’t be in an ideal location, but better than nothing or relying on Wyze and Alexa continuing to hold hands :slight_smile:

And thanks for the direction to the VOIP setting in my Account. I have turned it on to see what happens. Possibly turning it off (as it was) again will nudge it into actually sending an alert

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