Accessing the cloud

How do you access the cloud? I just upgraded to Cam Plus for my exterior viewing camera. Maybe I’m confused on everything, but what I thought was that by upgrading I wouldn’t need an SD card. If I am wrong and I still need an SD, what size does everyone recommend for 36 hour video loops?

Look under Events in the app. You have to have enabled CamPlus per camera. They will record continuous motion events for 2 weeks. This is NOT the same as continuous recording (no “video looping” without detected motion, except to SD).


Thank you! I aprreciate the help

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As far as recommended card sizes for looping, Wyze only supports 32gb cards. That being said, many people use larger cards with varying rates of success.
One very important thing to consider is the type of card. Cards used in video recording are subjected to constant write/rewrite cycles unlike data or photo cards. There is a lot of info on continuous recording that video cards like the ones in our cams are subjected to. Standard data cards are not designed for it and develop problems, and the cards sold by Wyze aren’t High Endurance cards. I switched several of my cams months age and a number of oddball problems went away. In regard to formatting the cards, best practice is to format the card in a laptop device using the program below and the Full or Deep option which will overwrite/repair any bad tracks which the camera option will not. Here are some resources:
Info on High Endurance Cards
High Endurance Cards
Memory card formatter


FYI, buddy of mine solved the question why they say 32GB is the only supported card.
Turns out that the firmware loader REQUIRES 32GB or less cards, anything more and you can’t flash them.
You can safely use any size card for saving recordings from the cam, the limitation is ONLY for the firmware loader.

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Hmm, no? I always thought the reason was that the cameras use FAT32 and Windows artificially limits FAT32 to drives under 32 GB.

Nope, that is 100% wrong. FAT32 is limited to a max partition size of 2TB, and a max file size of 4GB.

Yes I know. Read the link. It is perfectly reasonable to assume that this misconception is at the heart of the decision to advertise the Wyze cameras this way. It is also practical. It nearly guarantees that any card put in the camera is likely to be FAT32 instead of a different file system.

Had not heard that. Thanks for the info.

You are correct you need a 32GB or less SDcard to be able to flash firmware, other than that people have made them work.