Able to receive motion alerts, and view cloud alerts, but not view live stream or MicroSD card

Someone asked me about their camera - They said they could receive motion alerts, and view cloud clips, but they couldn’t access the live feed or SD card footage.
Anyone heard of this?
Anyone have a solution? Camera was recently updated.

I have heard reports of various different issues but we would need more info. It makes sense if you can’t view the Live View you would not be able to view playback as you have to be connected to the camera to do so.

Environment will matter, as if they are outside their home network, port filtering may come into play. So yes, details.

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It is mounted in a gym. The ISP has not changed, the router has not changed, the Wi-Fi password has not changed. It used to be viewable.
It is giving an error code 90 device is offline when they try to view the live feed or SD card, but they still get motion alerts and can view online motion alert footage. To me that says there is nothing wrong with the login info for the camera account.
I asked him/worked with him to submit the logs through the app. But I was wondering what could possibly cause this.

Force close the app and try reloading it. If that does not work try power cycling the camera.

We had at least one person who had to power-cycle the router to clear this sort of issue. And they had to power-cycle it twice (but maybe they didn’t wait long enough for the router to come up the first time.)

So I’d give that a try, making sure you can separately connect to web pages again before re-trying the app.