Workaround - notification, network timed out

Hey everyone -

I was getting really frustrated since every time I went to view a motion alert notification, I would get a “network timed out” error. I know my network is fine because I can view real time video. It was downloading the 12 second recorded clip from the SD card that caused the problem. I have 3 cameras.

Then I discovered that if I list notifications for only a single camera, I can view the motion alert videos with no problem. But if I switch to “all cameras”, they fail to view. This is very consistent, I can switch back and forth between the two lists of notifications and I can reproduce the issue consistently.

I’m using Android app version 1.5.82.

Thought this might help others with the same issue.

I haven’t seen or heard of anyone with that issue BUT there is a bit of a delay between the alert and viewing the clip and sometimes, depending on network, you get an error if the clip isn’t ready to view yet. The clip, remember, goes from the camera to the AWS servers and then to your phone so it takes a bit longer than the alert. If everything is up to date (camera firmware and apps) I would try to reboot the camera. If no luck you can try deleting the cameras and re-adding them but if not I would contact support.

I only have one camera and have the same issue. Everytime I view a alert video in notification and I got ‘Network time out’ error.

My workaround, is to just go to Live Stream whenever I get an alert. By the time everything gets happy on AWS and I view the 12 sec notification video, it’s either a bug, a headlight or something I should have gone to live stream for in the first place. I still would like a button on the notification to go to that point in the playback where I can see more than 12 seconds of what went on. Then the AWS is just a backup in case someone swipes your camera or you don’t want to buy the SD card.

I get the “network timed out” error when trying to review my alert recordings. This sometimes happens while connected to my home network, and almost always when I am away from home. I’m glad notification videos are going somewhere, it would be fun to see them.