Network Timed Out - Four cams

I have just bought for v2 cams. I am getting error message ‘network timed out’ when trying to watch the alert videos for nearly all events. Sometimes a given video works and once a given video works it keeps working. This is consistent across all cams.

I hope this can be fixed as otherwise these are not suitable for my needs. I have an Android phone and installed the app yesterday. The cams took the latest firmware yesterday also. I don’t yet have SD cards installed.

How do I troubleshoot this? I’ve logged a ticket for this as well but thought I would ask the community in case someone else has already been right through this issue. Thanks!

Click Support at the top of this page. There is a troubleshooting section there.

you manage to watch playback , but have trouble downloading alert vids?

watching playback ( when your phone is connected to the same wifi as the cams) involves little use of the web, data is transferred point to point from camera to phone.

however the alert video clips download from the cloud.

as a test try switching to 360p from hd & let us know.

if it’s playback that’s an issue for you have a look at this thread to see if it’s related to the problem affecting my setup

Thanks sgi, I’m generally not having trouble watching playback. I can also live stream on the local network with no worries. Livestreaming from outside the network works but is a little bit laggy/choppy. Meanwhile, when trying to review alert vids it is now looking like 100% of the time that I get the network timed out error and the clip doesn’t play, even after testing with only one camera operational and set to 360p.

if by 100% you mean the feature never worked, you could check if there is any firewall restriction at home, from the faq:

Port What it does What it’s used for
TCP: 80 Local timelapse download Timelapse
TCP: 123 Internet time check Confirming camera’s time zone
TCP: 443 Cloud data transfer Uploading alerts
TCP: 8443 Cloud API Keeping connection with Cloud server
TCP: 8605 Upgrade package download Firmware Upgrades
TCP: 10001 P2P streaming connection Local live streaming over WiFi
TCP: 10002 LAN firmware upgrade Firmware Upgrades
TCP: 22345 TCP control Making sure connection stays open when viewing the Live Stream
UDP: 80 Heart beat & streaming data For all UDP ports: Loading the Live Stream and keeping the connection between camera and server even when it’s not actively being used
UDP: 443 Heart beat & streaming data
All UDP Ports UDP Ports are used dynamically for streaming data. It is suggested to allow all UDP ports to be opened as certain functions may change depending on what port is used (this is based off of network usage).

So just to close this out in case other people have had the same issue. My issue related to not having enough upstream bandwidth available from my network. At the time these problems were occurring I had less than 1 mb/s upstream speed. After a recent ISP connection upgrade I have a much bigger upstream bandwidth available and after that occurred I have had no problems with playing back recordings made since the time of my upstream bandwidth increase.