Ability to filter detected sounds

It would be great if one could filter out certain sounds. I live on a busy road with a big hill. The sound of vehicles accelerating up that hill always gets detected and recorded as a sound, even at the lowest sensitivity setting. An “block this sound” button would be great. Alternatively, there could be a “record selected sounds only” option where the user could select a particular sound to record.

It “sounds” like this is asking for artificial intelligence to do for sound what person detection does for video. I’m not sure how much effort Wyze would devote to this or if it’s even feasible to include fit into the firmware, but it’s an interesting idea.

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I was actually thinking of something simpler, like recording a sound and then hitting a filter out button for the sound recorded. Of course, there would have to be some range for frequency so it isn’t overly specific.

I’m certainly not the expert on this, but I would think there would have to be some artificial intelligence/machine learning to accomplish this. The recorded sound is never going to match the detected sound exactly.

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I’d like the option to choose the type of sound I get notifications for. For example, our house was broken into last year (which is why I bought the cameras). We have an alarm system, however, the alarm only detects door and window opening/closing. We do not have motion sensors in the house. The robbers cased our neighborhood for quite a while, and robbed multiple houses in the neighborhood. They broke in by breaking the middle of the glass sliding door and shattering it. Knowing the houses in our area were originally built with an alarm system without motion sensors. The officers informed us that there is now glass breaking detectors that come with the alarm. Long story short, I’d like the option to choose the sound I want to be notified for. I don’t want to be notified if talking is detected, I don’t care to hear others’ conversations, but I WOULD LOVE to be notified if a glass breaks.

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Wind Noise Event-Triggering AI Filter

I have my app set up to capture sound events only on an outdoor camera, and about 80% of them the events are just wind noise. Even on days with just a very slight breeze, I’ll get false positives. It appears their is a filter for waving branches on the the motion side of things. Any chance for adding something similar for wind noise?

In the meantime, is there any type of kludge that might help out with this? Possibly wrapping the camera in a sandwich bag, or something like that?


Ai wind noise filtering

My expectation is that wind noise filtering would be an early, easy and important AI filter to have covered in the last 3 years.
Thanks for your comments