Glass break sensor release date or even in the works?

Any idea when a glass break sensor is coming?


Wishlist, maybe later = No time soon.


Here is what I’ve seen as being officially said about Glass break sensing up to now from the Wyze AMA’s:

So Wyze said glass break sensors were being worked on, and a Wyze employee was asked about making this work with Wyze cams to have the AI detect it, and they said they would bring it up with the AI team and that it might already be in the works.

In October there was an email sent out implying they may start having the cameras also detect breaking glass.

No release date on any of it though.

Things can change, but that is everything that I can recall that I’ve seen publicly mentioned on this topic. Hope it helps.

If you are interested I would vote on the wishlist that SlabSlayer posted. :+1:


Not much commitment there. :neutral_face:

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No, but it’s the best information we have at this point. I guess we just have to hope they can find a decent affordable option that is compatible with their Hub. At least it is on their radar.

Hoping this will get on Wyze radar. Multiple family members have been looking into getting wyze for home monitoring but the lack of a glass break sensor has puched them to other companies. Hoping this can get us these sooner rather than later.


I wonder if we’ll have to pay for the HMS to use the glass break sensor or if we can just use it without the subscription

All Wyze sensors that connect to the Sense Hub via RF are currently functional without the HMS subscription. The Keypad will even connect. It is only rendered useless without the ability to Arm and Disarm because the Monitoring tab is dependant on the subscription, not the device.

I don’t have any reason to believe a new sensor would be any different.


Actually I have a reason to believe that if some users would like Noonlight to call the police when the glass break sensor detects glass being broken then we would have to pay for HMS subscription

The same thing happened to my Ring alarm system I had a while back , if I wanted the local jurisdiction to be called to my house in case of the glass sensor detecting glass being broken I had to pay for the professional monitoring option .

Which Wyze is really pushing, so it leads me to believe that yes , using the glass break sensor is functional WITHOUT the HMS subscription but if we wanted the police to come to our house in case the glass detects a break in then we would have to pay for the HMS subscription.

The answer was there within you before the question was asked.

Hence the description Professional Monitoring.

However, as with the other sensors currently available, I would think that these also would be capable of push notifications without the monitoring subscription.

The option to review security footage while Noonlight is on the phone, before police are dispatched, exists. Alarms can be canceled by the app, thru SMS, or by phone prior to authorities being dispatched. You also have the option for a secondary phone to be contacted should there be no response on the primary.

I have been using the system for a long time and have yet to experience a false alarm dispatch.

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If you want Noonlight to call the police in case the glass sensor detects a breaks , I’m assuming Wyze would make us pay for the HMS subscription which is what I’m getting at .

Ring introduced the same thing 5 months ago and if I wanted the police to be alerted , then I’d have to pay for their professional monitoring system . Which is what I assume Wyze will wanna do , to get more users to pay for their HMS subscription. It’s just what I’m thinking will happen , if they introduce a glass break sensor

You always wanna one up someone on here , don’t take everything so serious man . Enjoy your Sunday

Yes. That is what the HMS Professional Monitoring subscription provides: Automatic Police Dispatch if you cannot respond to the Alarm.

I am not trying to “one up” you. You continue to present the idea that professional monitoring and automatic police dispatch should be provided by a self monitoring mode without any subscription. It doesn’t exist… From any company.

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Here we go again , where in my comments above did I ever mention that?

The lengthy conversation we had the other day was for a self monitoring option .

What we’re discussing right now , is for a professional monitoring system .

All I’m saying is , when i had the Ring alarm system and i got a glass break sensor . I had to be paying for the professional monitoring option , to get police called to my house when the sensor detected a glass being broken

What I’m thinking is , if Wyze introduces a glass break sensor then if users want police to be called to their house in case the glass sensor detects a glass being broken then users would have to pay for the HMS subscription.

That’s what “I” believe will happen if Wyze introduces a glass break sensor , so Wyze can push their HMS subscription.

In no way , shape , or form am I advocating for a self monitoring system to have police being dispatched .

I don’t know why you think that’s what I was trying to get Wyze to do. Makes no sense , if it’s a “self monitoring system” :slight_smile:


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For police to be automatically dispatched, yes.

However, as I previously stated :point_up:

If this sensor is developed in the same manner as every other Wyze Sensor, with the same basic features and functionality they have, they can still be used without the HMS using rules and routines to alert the user via Push Notifications, activate Cam Video Upload, Activate Cam Sirens, Activate plugs, Activate externally installed sirens, turn on lights, or activate about any other IoT that has an integrated Action.

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Since most alarm company’s are moving away from motion sensors and moving toward glass break sensors, when can we expect a glass break sensor from Wyze?

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