Ability to adjust night mode sensitivity

So Ive noticed that with where I wanted to place my cam and how the lighting is setup in my house, it ends up flipping over to night mode (sans IRs) pretty easily. I.e. I have it up in my loft which is usually dark but pointed downstairs, even with the lights on down there it flips over to night mode even though day mode has a much clearer picture at that point.

So if we had some sort of adjustment for the ‘auto’ mode, like a slider of some sort to mark a point at which it flips to night mode, that could be pretty handy for fine tuning setups

I have noticed this for the camera in my bedroom (on while I am at work to monitor the furballs). Funny thing happened today though. The alert clips used the daytime settings, but live streaming is still using the night vision. I guess, on that particular camera, I could set to day camera only, but that doesn’t fix the issue for the other cameras.