Cam Pan shuts off at night

Hi. I am setting up my first Cam Pan. Everything works fine during the day, however, at night (which is when I really need it) the camera keeps turning off. After dark, I open the app and it states “the device is turned off”. I can turn the camera on in the “Live Stream” window, but when I either close the app, or hit the back arrow (upper left corner) to return to the “Home” screen, the device turns off. I’ve eliminated all schedule rules because I thought I might have done something wrong, but the problem persists. I also noticed that when I am looking at the live stream at night, the image does not appear to have “night vision” even though the Night Vision Mode is set to “auto” and the IR Lights are turned on. I’ve tried restarting it but that doesn’t seem to do anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

You can manually put it in night mode if the auto detection isn’t working. Also based on the nature of night vision cameras (using an IR LED to illuminate) it may not work well if pointed at reflective surfaces (windows, mirrors, white walls that are close by, etc).

As far as it turning off on it’s own, that sure sounds like a rule or a schedule you have set up somewhere. So weird. Maybe make a support ticket on it. Have you tried removing the camera from the app, and re-adding it?

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Hi WLittler - thanks for the suggestion. I did remove and re-add the camera and last night it stayed on! I’m guessing that as I was setting it up initially I did something dumb and it stayed there even though I had deleted all the rules. Anyway - all good now - thanks again!