Pan camera turns on at night by itself

Anyone else having their pan cam turn at night at watch you? Mine did right now. It clicked on, scaned the room, stopped, mic turned on, theit started watching me in bed. I moved and the camera moved. I quickly unplugged. What should i do? I wanted to buy more cams but not anymore.

Sounds like you left the camera with motion tracking turned on - in which case it did exactly what it is supposed to do. Solution is to leave motion tracking turned off. Better solution is that using a motion tracking camera in a bedroom is not the right tool for the job. Use a V2 camera instead and carefully position it so there is no possibility that it can see things it shouldn’t.
In my case, I have one bedroom where there is a V2 camera, but it is pointed at the door. There is no possibility that it can normally see the semi-invalid person who uses that bedroom.

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I think @K6CCC is probably right about motion tracking. What I don’t understand is the part about the cam and mic ‘turning on’…
What did you mean by that? If it was scaning the room it was plugged in - do you have any rules written that use this cam?

Thank you fpr the help. So the main problem is that it turned on after i had personally turned it off. It started up by itself, did a scan on the room, mic clicking off then on, then off again, then i noticed the camera was staring at me. This entire time i laid in bed still under the covers listening to the cams do its thing above me. i check the settings as its doing this, and the wyze app said that my camera was off. So on my end i turned it off, double checked, then later as i went to sleep it turned on.