A Wyze Garden Hose Spigot Controller

There are wifi hose timers out there that basically just screw onto a hose (or hoses) and they are hella expensive. I bet you guys could make an affordable one that actually has a decent interface. The watering timer you have now is great for people who have irrigation systems but for us normal folks who have to just stand out there with a hose or go turn on the water from the valve, an affordable, easy-to-use timer/scheduler that we could manage even when we’re away would be next level.

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$64 is not expensive. And this includes the hub I had to buy separately and free updates.

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I also would really like a Wyze smart hose timer/controller with multiple spigots. We rehab flower beds every 2-4 years so in-ground sprinkler system doesn’t work for us.

Something like this, but that works with the Wyze app and at Wyze value pricing.

I and my flowers thank you.

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Smart Hose Valve For Irrigation

There are really not that many options currently for smart sprinkler valves. There is the Orbit B-Hive and a few other brands but for the most part I can’t pay $50 per valve and the apps of many of these are really hard to navigate. I would pay $30 per valve if it had a good app. Just an app controlled timer that sits at your facet before your above ground irrigation lines. Alexa controlled, sprinkler+ compatible, timers and other features would be great!


I think 4-5 spigots would be sufficient for me. It would be awesome I f Wyze could introduce this by July ‘22. No pressure.

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Got the bhive system and it’s pretty terrible. Returned it. Too expensive for 1 timer and bad bad bad app and connection. Few alternatives.

Love to use the traditional wyze controller, but my property has hose bibs spread out all over so the regular wifi timer is not practical without a lot of long wire runs.

Here’s what would make a killer hose timer

3 zone output. Sweet spot IMO and means you don’t have to buy multiple smart timers for each zone. Big cost saver. No one has this.
Rechargeable battery with a solar panel add on. Again, no one has this.
Manual on/off on the device itself! Gotta be able to repair drip systems without pulling out an app when my hands are all dirty and wet. No one has this either!

The bhive system uses a wifi hub indoors. In my case, I have wifi to all my bib locations. I don’t see an advantage to the hub for the user.

Lastly, price point. Traditional dumb 1 hose timers are around $30. 2 hose around $45. 4 hose around $60. 1 hose wifi around $60.

Bring the above features to market for $50 at Home Depot and they will sell like hot cakes.


The little B-Hyve absolutely has manual on/off. We use it all the time.

It has survived two seasons so far and is working like a champ - I haven’t even had to change batteries yet.

I haven’t had to touch the app since initial setup. We just tell Alexa to start watering, and it works.

The point of the hub is that Bluetooth Low Energy uses much, much less power than WiFi. Thus my long lived little unit.

Your other ideas are fine.


Has anyone tried RainPoint timers (the bright yellow and black system)? I’m intrigued but I haven’t tried it yet. It requires a hub that controls up to 8 (I think) timers, which come in single and double zone versions. It’s currently over $100 to control 4 zones (hoses) but I might try it if the prices drop over the winter.

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Interesting, hadn’t seen them. But their Bluetooth controllable hose timers have no display and thus no local control at all? To me that makes them a much poorer choice than the B-Hyves…

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Good observation. But the same can be said for most of my smart home devices. Everything is controlled via an app these days and I always have my phone on me. Besides, I’m getting older and I loathe bending over to change settings on my sprinklers. I’d prefer to do everything on the app.

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Sure but the ones I have do both, so I prefer to have the flexibility and fallback. I don’t have to use the local controls unless I want to. The app (and Alexa) work fine.

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Smart Outdoor Water Facet Controller

Does anyone else have a bad habit of turning on the outdoor water facet to water their foundation with a soaker hose, and forget it’s on for a day or two? I may have done just the several times last month and it resulted in a water bill almost $500, when it should have been under $100.

I have the Wyze Sprinkler setup and I love it! What I really need now is a Wyze smart device to connect to each water facet, around my house so I can connect them to soaker hoses, which will water my flower beds and the foundation of my house during the peak of the summers. I’d love it if it could also work with the Wyze Sprinkler, to be added as an additional zone, per device. This would save me time and money, as well as save my homes foundation so I don’t continue seeing cracks in my walls.

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Sprinkler master valve manual trigger

I have a hose bib on my sprinkler line. It would be great to be able to activate the master valve to allow me to use the sprinkler without another zone…

I want to get the sprinkler system but I need a few hose zones like this Smart Water Timer for Hose from B-hyve (with Wi-Fi Hub) – OrbitOnline

I want it to talk to the main controller tho not WiFi for better battery life :battery: I still need a main wired controller

My current Bhyve is garbage

They do act as the hub to the hose timers yes

No they don’t! That is why, unfortunately, I also had to buy the WiFi to Bluetooth adapter. See my July 2021 post above.

My bhyve controller acts as the hub on mine. I use the newer controllers that have it built in like this one products/b-hyve-smart-indoor-irrigation-controller Part #: 57925

I’m using it right now. It just doesn’t work well

I wanted to move to wyze and hoped they’d add hose timers but it looks like they only want to censor my links so I’ll find someone else.

I wanted to move to wyze and hoped they’d add hose timers but it looks like they only want to censor my links so I’ll find someone else.

Welcome to the Wyze community MrWisey. Wyze does not censor posts unless they violate the Community Guidelines. Your posts with external links were flagged by the forum software as potential spam, hidden to the public and held for moderation. This occasionally occurs when certain criteria are met; in your case, as a new forum user, posting the same external link in more than one forum location within a short period of time. As you are no longer a new user, you should not encounter this issue again, but please avoid crossposting the same content in multiple topics.


Putting this on the wishlist. A hosebib controller. Many users may have a need for this if they live in an apartment or have a garden, or a garden on a balcony, patio, etc. I particularly want one of these so that I can control misters on my patio. This goes between the hosebib and a hose that connects to either drip systems for plants, misters, pool refillers, etc. This would be a great addition to the lineup!