Faucet controller

We are a Wyze house. We have the Home Alarm, 7 Cams (6 V3 and a Doorbell), multiple door and moisture sensors and we have the Sprinkler system. We are big fans of all the technologies Wyze offers. We also have an Orbit 2-port faucet controller, which as compared with the Wyze sprinkler, is very sub-standard. We would love to see Wyze apply themselves to developing a faucet controller that works as well as the sprinkler system does. We would love to see Wyze develop something like that.


Is this the type of faucet control you seek?


Yes, this is similar - would be nice if more than one port, but this is the idea. I do think Wyze could do it better.

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This would be a good thing to add to the existing topic.