A friend for Carver

@carverofchoice here is a new friend for you :rofl:


That looks like a nice friendly kitty too.


Kitties are naturally attracted to homes on cul-de-sacs. It might be the exotic name that intrigues them or it could be something else in their cat nature of which I’m unaware. :slight_smile:


I don’t have any catnip growing in my yard but there at least five different cats that come here.
My daughter’s now deceased cat loved catnip on his Trader Joe’s scratch pad.


My black cat loves to roll around on cement like that, especially if there’s dirt on it. He will run up to people and flop down on his back right in front of them.

I should mention that, while you might have the raccoon army, all the cats are my spies. I heard you complaining about rats and told rolley-polley here to do some reconnaissance for you.

If I had to guess, it’s the same reason they like to go in cardboard boxes, or things that surround them on all sides. They have instincts to go into a position where there are fewer open access points to them. It makes them feel less vulnerable. A cul-de-sac has 1 road entrance from 1 direction, while the rest of the surrounding area feels a little more closed off with less traffic (activity) that they care about likely to sneak up on them unaware. It feels to them more like being in a box. Safer. 1 main access point that most danger is likely to come from.

We live in a cul-de-sac too. :slight_smile:


I had one rat but I have not seen it come in or go out of my garage in about 12 days.
Maybe one of the cats ran out “free stuff” and decided to work for a living? :grin:
I’ll throw a chicken bone out tonight and see who gets it first, cat, possum or raccoon. My bet is on the black cat with the white socks. :black_cat:


First to arrive for a chicken bone snack was Socks the cat, followed by Servatius Josephus Raccoon and Anna Catharina Possum.


Oh hey, he’s got more than just socks, he’s a full-on tuxedo cat! I think you should rename him to something like 007.