One at a Time Please! Got the Sign Up

I don’t think they’ll take it seriously. :nerd_face:



So…when the cat comes up for his turn, everybody else has to leave?

It depends on what the cat is looking to have for lunch.

What if he just wants friends to play with?

My black cat has caught mice a few times without eating (or killing) them. He’ll even cuddle with them and if they make a run for it, he’ll catch and cuddle them again. :slight_smile:

Your cat may need a little extra attention haha.

Yeah, he’s getting plenty of it now that it’s cold outside and he wants to be inside with us. :slight_smile:
All summer long he wants to be outside 24/7. He loves to run up to people and flop over to roll around on his back and show his tummy to everyone to beg to be petted. :joy_cat:

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