A Few Tips for New Users

Just a few tips for new users: (yes, I know some have been previously mentioned,)
1: Check your Wifi signal strength at each Wyze Cam location.
You can do this by downloading a WiFi Analyzer app from the Google store.
Use it to measure the WiFi signal strength at each cam location.

2: If the signal is weak try repositioning your router antennas.
Most of the tests I have seen found that the WiFi router antennas should be in the horizontal position. One test found one vertical and one horizontal was best. In any case, try adjusting your antennas and/or router location to get an adequate signal.

3: In many locations, the Wyze motion sensing will suck. Moving shadows, tree leaves, etc will trigger motion detection. My solution for my front door is to use the Wyze IR motion sensor to trigger the Wyze Cam. So far it is working great and has not been triggered by shadows or tree movement. I mounted it just underneath the top front door frame. (You can also adjust the coverage by masking off part of the IR lens with bits of tape. I didn’t have to that,)


What kind of angle and range does the PIR sensor get in that position? Is it seeing only motion immediately in front of the door? Is there an effective way of testing or “previewing” the sensor’s range as one can with the camera?

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Yes. I started at the end of the driveway, took a few steps, waited took a few more steps until I started to receive notifications and then played the clips to see where I first appeared. In the location shown it triggers 15 -20 feet in front of the door, which is exactly what I wanted.


Cool, thank you. I’m getting a little tired of exciting moth, squirrel, and vegetal shadow cameos …