A different approach to the failing adhesive problem with mounting motion sensors

There has been a lot of discussions in the community about problems with failing adhesive for the motion sensors, and the contact sensor also. This post concerns the motion sensor.
There are numerous picture hanging items, adhesive tapes, mechanical brackets and etc. The best adhesives require compatible surfaces and my mark surfaces when removed. Picture hanging methods employing nails or screws work but aren’t clean looking. They may also require modifications to work.

Many people mount their motion outdoors to work in conjunction with exterior cameras. Outdoor surfaces are usually very rough. Painted surfaces may be oxidized or out-gassing.

Below are some photographs of a method I have been using for neighbors that have their motion sensors mounted parallel to the surface. It does require some shop work so maybe make two, three or four while you are at it. If the sensor is to be moved there is only a small hole to be dealt with (less than 1/8" ø). Not one has fallen off with the supplied adhesive. They are also somewhat protected from the rain. There is no doubt the command strips and similar products will work with my method.

Clean looking.

These are the steps.

A future post will deal with making a 30° angled version of the flat plate version shown above.
Victor Maletic


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