A Bear in the Backyard

Captured on our Wyze Cam Outdoors. These videos are of the same bear visit. The video in the woods is of the bear entering the backyard and the other is the bear exiting the backyard.


That looks like a pretty good sized bear.

  1. Did you submit these to Wyze to train their AI to recognize bear?
  2. Do you have Person Detection at all, and if so, did the AI think this was a person? (I have a black cat, and the AI always thinks he’s a person, so I imagine it also thinks your bear is a person)
  3. Thanks for sharing!

I tried to submit the videos at one point but, for some reason, the system only seems to keep ~2 weeks of event videos. When I tried to submit them they were over to weeks old. Does anyone know if there is a way to extend this window? Currently only 2.62GB of the usable 29.80 GB is being used so it is not a storage space issue.

Wyze, feel free to use these to train your bear detection algorithm.

I do not have person detection on.

cloud videos are only stored for 14 days. no way to increase that.

Thanks for the info but that seems a bit restrictive when you have 32GB of storage.

I have never seen anything about having 32GB of “cloud” storage, maybe you are thinking of the recommended 32GB SD card for the cameras.

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I have a 32GB micro SD card in the base station. Maybe I incorrectly assume that the events are being stored on the SD card. Are the events also stored on the SD card in the base station?

They (Event videos) are supposed to be recorded to the SD in the Base but every time I check my base SD card that is connected to 4 WCO it may have 4 or 5 videos and about 1000 thumbnail photos seconds apart. Very confusing to me. I have cam plus so if I see a video event I want to keep I just save it to the album on my phone (when that works), don’t get me started on that issue :smiley:

Interesting. I just assumed that the SD card would replace/extend the cloud storage. Is there any way to view the events on the SD card from the Wyze app or do I have to use another device to view the recorded events?

There is no playback from the WYZE Cam Outdoor or the base. You have to take the card out and view it on a PC or a card reader. I also have one V3 with cam plus and can review all event videos using playback on the app and/or on the events page from the cloud. You can use the SD in the WCO Camera for Scheduled Event recording, Scheduled Continuous recording and Time Lapse. You still have to take the card out of the cam to view it though.

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Thanks Antonius. I guess I misinterpreted the purpose of the SD card.

I do like your Bear, put a bowl of beer out for him/her :beer: :beer:

Without being Ad hominem, Wyze cam should either show the video or tell us to “right click and save video.” I had to search your site for “how to” if you know what I mean. What’s the point of posting a video if the viewer can’t figure how to look at it. And, I’m smarter than the average Bear. Go Yogi.

Wow that’s nice that you got your outdoor cam. I ordered mine April 1 and still haven’t received it. Wanted it for a trip and now I’m back and still didn’t get it.
On April 15, I finally heard back from Wyze saying it was on its way.
Definitely going to order from Amazon next time if I decide to continue using Wyze products, which I probably will since I’m already using multiple cameras and the watch.
22 days and still no delivery? What is this, Wish?

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Maybe it came when you were gone and the bear is using it to watch you.