5g network at a marina

I want to install 2 outdoor cams in our marina. We have a 5g external network. Is there a way for the base station to connect to the 5g network? Or any other alternatives??

As far as I know, all the Wyze devices are 2.4Gig only. You could add a 5Gig WiFi device that can operate as a bridge and then plug the WCO base station into a wired port on the bridge.

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Unless by 5G you meant new cellular 5G mobile data (without a cable ISP or similar), not a 5Ghz WiFi signal. It’s relatively rare to have only a 5Ghz network without a related 2.4 GHz segment.

If in fact we’re talking about 5G mobile, then it should be attached already to a WiFi hotspot with one or more SSIDs, hopefully including a 2.4 GHz band.

As noted by @K6CCC, Wyze doesn’t talk on 5Ghz WiFi.

WiFi guy here and just to validate what folks have said about, the cameras only support 2.4GHz channels and not 5G, whether that is fifth gen cell data or 5GHz wireless. Your best option is to use a bridge or less preferably, a repeater.

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Others have mentioned wireless network requirements and limitations.
If you hard-wire the (battery powered) outdoor camera base to your router or switch it won’t mater if the network is 2.4 or 5 GHz because the cameras connect to the base.

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If you share the make / model of your cellular providers network device we will be able to help you much better.