5 Kittens having fun

It might look like the video is in Fast forward but Kittens and video Are in normal speed , :laughing:
I don’t know what happened but the video cuts off at 1.26


Basically kittens have 2 speeds: zoom and at rest. The Wyze Cam probably stopped because it got worn out watching the kittens.

For more than 20-years my Wife and I have fostered cats and kittens (concentrating on special needs and pregnant moms’). It is very rewarding.

Please remember to spay and neuter. Seek out your local Dog & Cat Rescue Group(s) and volunteer. Thanks.


My daughter is fostering them through a local shelter .
Mama has had a rough life She came in infested with fleas half her hair gone.
She had 2 kittens Then the next day was not doing well , had to go get a c section For the other 3 , she got spayed At that time , After that she was not doing well , Back to the vet , they had to open the incision back up , she was bleeding internally , Some kind of rare Blood clotting Issue , Her heart stopped at that time , They brought her back ,
Daughter had to Feed and care for the kittens for 4 or 5 days , They are all doing good now .
Kittens will all get spay and neuter In a few weeks .
3 wyze cams in the room, Just a ticket for keeping an eye on them


@HDRock, you and your daughter get a @DadCooks Gold Star :star::star: and 2 more for good measure :star2::star2:

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I have been mostly Having fun watching them on cameras But I have been over there Helping out some And playing with them.
3 people have already applied to adopt 3 of the kittens One person 2 kittens Other person one kitten