3rd party dimmer that plays well with Wyze

Can anyone recommend a smart dimmer that would integrate well with the Wyze system? Specifically I would like to trigger it with a Wyze camera. This is for a set of can-less LED puck lights mounted over my rear door, so I can’t use a smart bulb.


ps, I don’t currently use Alexa or similar, and would like to keep it that way.

There are no 3rd party dimmer switches, or any IoT for that matter, that will integrate with Wyze directly. The Wyze app only works with Wyze IoT devices. It, like all the other ecosystems, is proprietary (at least until the Matter Project is developed).

Wyze devices will only communicate with other Wyze devices and the Wyze app. If you need Wyze devices to control non-Wyze devices, or vice-verse, you have to have an intermediary that works with both and can also provide the compatible function triggers or actions you want. Just because Wyze is Alexa compatible, for example, does NOT mean that all functions on any given device are accessible by an Alexa trigger or action. Wyze integration with intermediary assistants and home automation control suites, like proprietary devices from other ecosystems, is somewhat limited depending on the specific device.

In order to do this, you need to use an assistant or home automation suite: Alexa, IFTTT, Google Home… etc. that is compatible on both sides.

I use Alexa the most. I have my Wyze devices interacting with GE Cync, Sengled, Cloud Intelligence, and TP Link devices.


Add to that list YoLink and SmartThings…

I don’t use either so I am unfamiliar. I know SmartThings is a cross-platform automation control suite much like Alexa, Google Home, Home Assistant, and Apple Home Kit. Is Wyze compatible with SmartThings?

Does YoLink also provide a cross-platform automation control suite? I thought they were only on the IoT device side w\ a proprietary app.

Both work with Alexa to provide cross-platform support with Wyze. I have several Z-Wave light switches controlled by SmartThings which I have activated with Wyze motion and contact sensors. Similarly with YoLink…

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