2fa only on account and camera changes

I would like the ability to turn on 2fa for
Camera setting changes
And account level changes .

Keep the app where you can view cameras without typing in 2fa each time .

2FA should be on every point of access to your systems.

Face or fingerprint verification satisfies after initial 2FA qualification. Trusted devices plus biometrics provides the security while not impeding use.

Unfortunately with the Wyze App, 2FA is all or none. Part of why I don’t use it.

2FA is WAY to involved for me to check to see if there is mail in the mailbox :slight_smile:

You should consider using a authenticator, and I don’t understand why you are having to verify more than once on a device.

You can check the trust this device and that’s it from then on, you are not challenged on that device,

I use an authenticator for several accounts.

If you check the “trust this device and that’s it from then on, you are not challenged on that device,”, you have now totally defeated the purpose 2FA.

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Agreed . Thats why the 2fa needs to be for changes only . Viewing should be just the username and password like always and remembered.

I assume you are talking about sharing status of alerts, or views.

That should be available with your authorization, it could be done by Wyze, maybe by sharing a unique code,m thats generated by the app, define the period the code is valid, etc.

2FA with the remember this device option still provides protection. The chances that the attack on your data is by loss of your phone by someone finding/stealing it, cracking your access ( fingerprint, face recognition). Apple has refused to help even Feds asking to crack a phone, it’s not simple!).

The overwhelming path to unauthorized access to your system comes through use of password/username data cracked on other sites, or from vulnerabilities on the site itself.

How do you think, remember this device is defeating the purpose? A hack that comes at you from anywhere other than on your physical device itself is going to face the 2FA challenge…

It totally defeats 2FA on that device. Phones get lost and stolen all the time. You are correct that the 2FA challenge will still exist for some other attack venue, but for the device that you have “Remember this device” selected, you no longer have the 2FA protection on that device.

Remember that LOTS of people have zero security on their phone. If they steal your phone, they have access.

You’re correct that if the physical device is stolen, and you have no adequate security on the phone, and you don’t change your passwords on accounts after the device is stolen, and the person that stole the device has a desire to see your camera feeds

Yup if you’re a complete idiot, your vulnerable.