256 gb card not working in Battery Cam Pro

I purchased a 256gb verbatim microSD card for my new Battery Cam Pro but it’s not recognizing the card.
I swapped it out for the 32 gb verbatim microSD card (exact same except smaller storage size) and it worked.

Why won’t the 256gb card work in this camera?

One possibility is that its pre-formatted in a way that it can’t deal with. You’d have to check what its formatted as via a computer. You might be able to reformat it as well without use on a computer via a phone if you have a phone with an sd card slot. Wyze suggests exFAT.

If that’s not it then it should be some weird compatibility issue.

So I put the 256 into a computer, reformatted to ‘exFAT’ and it’s still now working in the camera.
Here’s the weird part.
Putting the 32gb card in now isn’t working.

Bad camera?