24 v dry contact out

Does Wyze offer a device that is simply a relay contact that I can open or close? For example I want to momentary close a contact across the push button that opens and closes my garage door. Just a make it break contact without any voltage on the terminals.

No . I use these:
Sonoff Wifi Switch, DC5V 12V 24V 32V Wireless Relay Module Smart Home Automation Modules APP Remote Control Timer Switch Voice Control Compatible with Alexa Google Home
Has a NO / NC Relay
eWeLink is the App needed to control .

Amazon Link

here is the latest that i use to schedule and operate the low speed.circulation fan on my HVAC .

I’d like to see Wyze bring out a dry contact control too. I can see a ton of uses for this. There a lots of legacy garage door openers that could be wired up with this to open a garage door as the author suggests. The technically savvy consumer could use this to build just about anything to control. Bond out both Normally Open and Normally Closed contacts so the user has flexibility.