Output contact

Output contact rated for 110vac/ 24vdc

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@archanegel, please explain in much more detail what you mean by this.

a dry contact is a contact that switches and external voltage supplied to it. Applications could be motors, relays, fans, solenoids, etc.

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example: motion sensor, camera, or contact sensor detects and event. dry contact could be set to feed dc or ac voltage to an alarm.

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Is this what you are describing?

Pretty much, something to just switch voltage it’s what smart plugs do basically, but it would be much more versatile in application. With a smart plug, you are limited to outlets. These are typically Silicon Controlled Rectifiers, or TRIACS…you can’t do
dc voltage with those…you could trigger a standard contactor or relay by controlling the smart plug, but that could be a bit unwieldly.

Please hop over to that topic and vote for it by clicking the VOTE button at the top. Then add some comments explaining your particular needs for such a product. Specific use cases would be very helpful for the team if and when this gets on the development radar.