2 weeks and beta 2.14 still cannot live stream V1

It has been 2 weeks since the release of 2.14 Android beta which resulted in V1 camera’s being unable to live stream. It is still not fixed! I realize it’s a beta, but still this is something that should have been fixed and released asap. Not even an acknowledgement from Wyze. Is this the same company it was 2 years ago, obviously not!

Strange, I’m also on 2.14 but my V1s can live stream like normal

They do stream its just that its jumpy. The time will show 1 second for 3 seconds then 2-3-4 in rapid successsion and repeats this pattern. Using tinyCam the live stream is prefect. This did not start until v2.14.32. Others have reported seeing this glad your running ok. I’m on android 11 if that matters.

Ahh, I didn’t even notice that till now. My V1s are also jumping seconds in live stream

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