2 phase heating system with the thermostat

I just got the thermostat set up and I was just wondering if it had two phase heating. Reason I am asking is it seems to be running the heat strips all the time. I have a heatpump that has strips for when it’s below 35 degrees.

I have a little hunting cabin that has a heatpump with propane (I have two 80 gallon tanks) I don’t want it running the gas all the time and run out. Kinda defeats the purpose. By the way, it has a outdoor sensor to monitor the temp. Same as my electric.

I wanted to just make sure. Thanks.

It should be able to run your heat pump as stage 1 and your electric as stage 2. Do you have a picture of your wires and is it below the low temp set point setting on your heat pump outside?

I am not sure if this thermostat has a function to turn off the heat pump when your propane furnace turns on for your cabin. Make sure it is wired up so both cannot come on at the same time or you will overheat your heat pump and cause damage if the coils are after the furnace. Maybe someone else can chime in if the wyze stat can do this internally.

Sorry for the delay. It’s been crazy busy for me. But here is the picture… I have the thermostat, just not been able to even open it yet. I hope it will work.