2 Homes - 1 Doorbell Camera

Can I buy a doorbell camera wall mount for my second home?

Can I also buy and a blank cover for the unused mount?


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I don’t believe Wyze sells mounting kits seperate. However you should be able to find a compatible mount online. I purchased a mount for my VDBv1 (original wired version) on Amazon.

I have never seen any covers for mounts though.

Is this a wire powered VDBv1 or a battery\wired VDBPro model?

A note about using one doorbell in two locations: if the WiFi network name (SSID) is different at the second location, you will be doing a new setup install every time you move the cam to the other network. If you have the WiFi SSID and PW the same at both locations, it should just power back up and login to the WiFi without any issues.

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