2.50 App Beta Test 2/13/2024

App Beta v2.50.0.b404 and SD Playback mode

I see the Beta version is a little better and the Playback button is not greyed out anymore.

But there are still a few quirks that prevent playback.

I see the event when tapping “Recent Events” but there is no way to playback from SDcard. I have to then scroll down till the end of events and then have to tap on “All Events”, then I see “Motion” for the event and a prompt to get Cam +. I should be able to see motioni s available for the event when just tapping on it, not scrolling down to all events and tapping that.

The playback icon is now visible and not greyed out…BUT

When I tap on it, I get the message “MicroSD Card not found” and a prompt to buy an SDcard from the Wyze store.

[Mod Edit] I have a class 10 card in there and can view video “manually” by tapping the SDcard Icon and scrolling through the memory. Why can’t the app find the SDcard when tapping on event motion?

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