2.42 app Beta Test 5/1/2023

I believe you are correct. Person will always be there regardless.

So how do I then filter for only events without any AI tags?

Seems counterintuitive to mark videos as Motion, have a “Motion” filter button, but not filter for only the motion events. If I want to see only the AI events, I have buttons for those.

I don’t think you can filter for only motion events with NO ai tags. What would be your use case for that?

So that I can review the Motion Only Videos for all the objects the AI is missing without scrolling thru all the AI videos.

So that I can review all the Motion Only Videos that are being recorded and saved despite the fact that I have it set to Smart AI Events only and not All motion.

Every other Event Type filter option is filtering based on the tag. Why would that one be any different. It just isn’t logical.

But then again… Why would logic be considered.


That is an interesting question. I don’t think I ever heard anyone ask for that. Probably should make it a Wish Item


Can’t realistically say that it is that important or critical. After all, I have been using it all this time only to learn now that it has always worked that way and I never noticed it until this bug popped up. Shows how observant I am. :rofl:



I know what you mean. I use some features just to find out there were other options available as well.


I have a big gripe with Wyze and this is why I’m posting it here. I know this is the only thread that Wyze will frequent. I will summon @WyzeJasonJ as well so it’s more official.

Today, I’m driving on a six lane highway and I get a notification that someone is in in front of my garage, when now one at this time of the day should be. So, I launch the Wyze app and I get greeted with an advertisement, can’t remember what it was, I know it was something wrapped in a bow. Remember, I’m driving at roughly 120 KmH.

So, here’s the gripe with Wyze, instead of the app taking me to what’s happening in front of my garage, I get an advertisement???

Wyze, if something happens to me or my family because you shove down my throat shameful marketing, I will sue you from here to kingdom come.

I wish I could have taken a screenshot but, remember I was driving.

Wyze, please be considerate when you market yourself.


That app pop up must’ve been this one.

I really think Wyze should have an option to disable these pop ups as well

Also don’t pull out your phone when driving!

Don’t know if that’s the one as I don’t have redit account and I’m not in a mood to sign up for one.

I don’t pull the phone while I’m driving, it’s mounted on my console.

I appreciate the goodwill advice though :slight_smile:

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Here is the next version.


Hi @spamoni, do you still have this issue with the rules?

Rules seem to be working fine now. So far, things have been spot on. They did a great job if they provided a fix for this.

However, my issue with the router showing a different IP still exists.

@WyzeJasonJ FYI

I just didn’t quick check, one of my color bulbs show as offline on the router, but it is actually online and controllable. I then checked the IP of the bulb and it does not match what the router shows. I believe it shows offline on the router because of the IP differences.


@WyzeJasonJ @WyzeAndy

Here is a list of devices the Router shows as off line. However, these devices are actually online and accessible via my local network and outside of my network on Cell / LTE. Not sure why this is.

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Do you have any ideas why this is happening?

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Very quick question for the group … once a v3 camera has been updated to beta firmware ( in this case), can it be flashed via SD card to the same f/w or flashed back to the latest released f/w? Note that the original OTA f/w update may have been incomplete, or something, which has left two of my three v3 cams inop. TIA

Yes. However it will require a factory reset.

Also, you can’t flash to Beta because there are no Beta FW files available to download. You will have to go to a prior production release available for download.


Thanks! :+1:

EDIT: Success by the way, on both of the previously inop v3 cams!

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