IPAD IOS App bug

Anyone else have this issue? On my ipad in the edit rules page, theres no back arrow. No way out, Have to force quit the app.

Same screen on android has a left arrow on the top left.

My iOS 12 iPad has the arrow, what version are you using?

My Ipad also has the arrow.

On my iPad 9.7, I see the rules screen also has back arrow.

The (landscape) group camera display is the one that doesn’t have a back arrow, both in iOS and Android. It isn’t a problem for Android because there’s a dedicated back arrow button.

It is a problem for iOS when the screen orientation is locked in landscape. There is no way to get back to the main screen.

Hmmmm… I see a back arrow in iOS 12 ‘non group mode’ for edit rules, but I can’t even get into Landscape mode there. Just Portrait mode.

I don’t mean the (landscape) rules screen; the (landscape) 4-camera display.

Yes, this is not a multi-orientation friendly app yet, it is more like a phone display with some changes. So don’t expect both orientations to be accommodated for on all devices yet. But the default ‘rules page’ has been always portrait.

As for the back arrow on the ‘group cameras’ display, I see it when I turn the display to portrait. Considering it doesn’t work in both modes yet, I can live with that.

Yes, that’s my workaround for now. On my iPad, the screen orientation lock is a physical slider, unlike Android’s pulldown softbutton.