2.31 app Beta Test 4/28/2022

Anyone notice this animated icon?


Just noticed that, really cool setup tutorial, nicely done!

Few small issues:
If I already have a schedule setup, it shouldn’t show up.

When it finished, it was named schedule schedule. See image.

The icon itself looks a little out of place, but it does look nice.

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Glad to see this kinda thing, this and the self diagnostics are really great, and I love that Wyze is going in this direction! Great job whoever was in charge of this! :smiley:

Edit: also, suckpuck lol

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Thanks for the info! I’ll test it out tomorrow so I don’t wake anyone up. :grin:

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This update is full of surprises :smiley:

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Belated Easter egg hunt. :grin:

I was a bit hesitant on this download but it appears to be working Well. Was able to group some switches I had long wanted to group. As for light grouping, I’ve been able to group the color/white bulbs/strips as a group for awhile now and this works perfectly. I checked out the self help category and this is a great little guide for new users to get assists with. Now I look forward to having future separate folders or categories of cams, lighting & power, home cleaning etc. great improvement thus far tho!!

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Best start to my day in weeks!


Auto firmware update on the air purifier spotted by someone in discord, I don’t have one but if anyone who does wants to test that it’s there.

Thanks for the feedback. We will fix it ASAP.

Best wishes,



YAY! Thank you!

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Thanks :smiley:

Thanks for the feedback on Mixed Lighting Group and Smart Support Tool.
We will continue to iterate the Smart Support tool and make it better in upcoming releases.


Thanks @spamoni4 for the feedback. Looks like a bug. Will get it fixed.


Thanks, really looking forward to it. :slight_smile:


Thanks. I will go through and do some more testing and go through each of the options.

Looking good though


I’m running app version 2.31.0 (b3) and seem to be having an issue where my live streams keep reverting back to portrait orientation, even though the iPad is in landscape. Is this a known issue? Further, will the app ever be landscape view compatible?

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