2.25 Wyze App Beta Test 9/23/2021

I can verify this, and take it one step further.
My V2 is not recording/notifying any events or detecting any motion, even though it is set to do so.

I have a V2 and V3 side by side in my garage as well, both with Cam Plus. The V3 is operating as normal.

Ran a series of tests walking in front of this morning with boxes in hand and nothing


I am getting an ‘internal service error’ message when trying to create a Home Monitoring schedule? Anyone else seeing this?

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I had an issue where my thermostat was not working after the app update, it was displaying the wrong inside temperature (about 10 degrees off). It showed connected but would not operate my AC unit. I shutdown my home WiFi and all my other Wyze devices showed offline, but the thermostat still showed connected. Turned Wifi back on – same. Ended up clearing my app data and cache. I logged back into the app and it showed the correct temp and is functioning correctly – Android device

Did the Ai detection toggles automatically turned off after updating the App?

No, it is on. I reset everything and I am still not getting any AI notification. I even stood in front of it and the v3. The v3 reported my name, the v2 added an event to the events tab and had motion only.

I submitted log number 303157

Here are images of the settings

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Any hints on how to get Alexa voice commands working with Wyze vacuum? I’ve tried disabling and reenabling the wyze skill in Alexa, searching for new devices, nothing seems to work.

Which v2 firmware are you running?

I’ve been getting v2 AI and non-AI events and notifications all day running Beta and prod apps on Android and iOS all reporting the same here.

I have been working with bzhu. He flashed my fw a few times with different versions. I did get AI notifications when he put me back to the production version, but then went through 4 different beta version tests to see, and no AI. Notifications. I am currently currently on, which is where we left it until a new Firmware is needing to be tested.

He has a number of log files from me and @carverofchoice as he is having issues as well. However, one of his cameras started to work on a different teat version.

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I know what you meant. When we give him the MAC address to do it, I hope we can continue to walk around naked at home.lol😜


oops. :slight_smile:

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Thanks… no wonder! :+1:

My wife waves at my office test cams and says “Hello Wyze!” whenever she enters. :rofl:


Issues are still persistent. Still crashing in landscape video viewing.

Also no longer getting notifications from any of my wyze devices on iOS. Been almost 2 days.
I have performed all standard troubleshooting steps

Notifications are fine on my Android device.


Just rolled back my Wyze app to the Prod version on iOS 15 and I am getting Alerts again.

Will verify by installing the latest beta app again.


Just updated Wyze App to Wyze App Beta version 2.25.11. No Notifications at all.

Android is working fine

@Yichen , wanted to make sure you were aware of the no notification issue on iOS with this build.


Update - Thermostat - Had the issue again. App does not show correct temp. Submitted Log - 305400 - If I clear the app cache and data, When I log back in, the temp is correct until the new add a sensor icon appears, then the temp changes to a different number

Thank you. We are aware and working on the no notification issue on iOS.

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No worries…We can’t access to your live stream, recorded videos or any of your data from your camera. :sweat_smile:


I have been using the HMS Schedules for a few days now, and I like it. My feedback would be as follows:

  1. Allow us the option to get a push notification when the scheduled arming takes place. I keep forgetting my system is armed and walk outside to check on something, only to come back inside to the alarm going off while everyone is trying to sleep. I would like to get a push notification to remind me that the system was armed.
  2. I haven’t been in the same room as the hub during the scheduled arming or disarming, but I haven’t heard the hub announce that it armed or disarmed the system either. Whether or not it does, there should be an option we can select to have it announce when it arms or disarms during the schedule or if we want it to stay silent.

Those are my 2 main points of feedback after using the HMS schedules for a few days. I do commend Wyze for implementing a great schedule option though! I actually use the HMS at night now without worrying about the rest of my family forgetting to turn it off in the morning when they leave (for school, work, etc).


I am loving the scheduled arming and disarming. As for the announcement, I believe it does. I sit next to the location where it is and I recall that last night it did say Armed Home when it armed. But will verify again tonight to be 100% sure.

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I will try to set an alarm to remind me to go near the hub and pay closer attention too. I would like to know.

My Schedule to turn HMS Home Away mode on, just ran and it did Alert me of the fact.

So It does Alert / notify when the scheduled rule for HMS Arming and Disarming is functioning