2.24+ App Beta Test 9/8/2021

At have. But the release notes only said bug fixes.

Just checked again and it is still working

I no longer see this issue on any of my v3 cams using Android app 2.24.51 under Android 8, 9, 10 and 11 phones and tabs.

Checked v3 cams running firmware, and everything in-between.

It must have been an app problem as I still have the issue on alpha Android apps looking at the same cams running and

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So you are saying you do not have the issue running firmware, and Android app 2.24.51 ?
I checked every one of my V3’s running this combination and all of them have the same stretched issue in portrait

Correct… no problems with aspect ratio zooming in or out for .19 through .58 firmware using Android app 2.24.51. Tested live stream and events.

I did find another obscure, related bug though using Android app 2.24.51. Problem occurs regardless of firmware version further pointing to app issue, not firmware. Start a v3 live stream in portrait mode, tap Playback, double-tap to zoom, turn phone from portrait to landscape, zoom in, turn phone back to portrait, zoom in… entire session is hosed with aspect ratio issues until the connection is re-authenticated.

Just a reminder that we are discussing 2.24.51 in a 2.24.41 topic.

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I would try clearing the Cache from within the App. Then shut the app down, long press the icon, force stop and clear Cache from there Not the Storage.

I did that the other day, maybe that corrected it.

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Yes I did realize we were in the beta section, I don’t know if this issue is posted somewhere else I just saw it here a few days ago

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