2.21 Release Candidate App, Wyze Cam Outdoor & Base Station Firmware Beta Test 6/2/2021

Its not a server issue.

Issue only effects android.

As mentioned above the notifications work if you have the app open.

Also as mentioned above the same notifications are coming through on production versions of the app that are not working on this version. (This means the server is properly sending them.)

I cant tell you exactly whats causing it, but with all the information we have collected I can tell you the issue lies in the app itself and not outside of it.

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@Ken.S , you are absolutely correct that we don’t know 100% it is the app. However, I have been working with @QiS on the notifications and they are working on the issue we reported. Recently they tried to provide me with an updated app to test the notifications, but for some reason I could not get it installed. They indicated that they will put out an update soon. They also indicated that they found an issue in logs I sent, but needed sometime to correct as it is a little more difficult than expected. This is what leads me to believe it is App related.

In addition to that, I get no notifications from the Camera’s on CamPlus nor the Camera’s not using CamPlus. I don’t even get my standard notifications when I open the garage door or any door in my house. Although this could still be server related, I tend to feel it is more app related. The issue started with the one prior to the Release Candidate.

If I leave the app running, I have no issues at all with notifications. But if I close the app, notifications stop. iOS has no issue with this. Suggesting to not release until the notifications are corrected, is more to ensure Wyze does not get bombarded with a lot of complaints and calls for this issue.

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exactly…this morning, I did not have the app open during either of the events I mentioned, hence the reason I said notifications were sporadic on mine. There’s obviously an issue, hopefully Wyze will resolve it soon.

I will test again and see if it works, Easy test for me. I will close the app and simply open a door. :slight_smile:

will report back shortly.

you are running Android 12, I rolled back as I thought there was an issue with the release where notifications stopped working. I wanted rule out any chances it was related to Android 12. Maybe that is the difference between yours and mine. I just tested by opening a door and closing - no dice.

yes, I’m on Android 12, but I did some testing too. I’m not sure when the last time I had the app open, but I got 2 notifications & saw my son was taking out the dog. I knew I’d be getting more notifications, so I quickly force closed the app & wiped cache, then turned off the phone screen. No more notifications. 15 min later I checked & verified there were more events that should have triggered notifications. My screen has been off for 10 min and I’m now getting notifications. So it does not appear to be an issue where you need to have the app open to get notifications.

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I am wondering if the Doze issue is back. I noticed a few weeks ago that I got no notifications when the phone was a sleep off the charger. I then picked up my phone and started to get some notifications, even gmail notifications as that still does not work when phone is a sleep.

However, I did my test with the app closed and phone on and no notification when I opened the door. My phone is off and has not been touched in over 5 minutes, I just received a notification of Complete Motion from my VDB, the app is running as a started it again.

I don’t think so… I have doze disabled on both my personal & work phone…work phone beta app account only has a doorbell. There have been 9 events in the past couple hrs and no notifications.

Yea, was just wondering.

@Ken.S assuming you have HMS, can you go to the Hub sense and see if you can scroll through your sensors, assuming it goes beyond one page. I am curious if it works in Android 12.

sorry, no HMS here.

Ok, was hoping. :slight_smile:
Thanks anyway.

I have a this app running, supporting a 47mm watch and Doorbell on the latest betas. Is anyone else seeing the app being a battery hog? On my iPhone battery usage statistics I see the app is using 30% of my battery with “Background Activity” and on screen usage of 2m.

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