2.11 beta App Release - 6/3/2020

Hi Beta testers,

We have another 2.11 beta app for you to test today. Here’s the release note.


iOS: 2.11.35(3)

Android: 2.11.37


Bug fixes


  • New UI update

  • Wyze Bulb Wake Up and Sleep modes

Let us know if you find any issues, thanks.


The issue I previously experienced, not being able to view RTSP settings, appears to be fixed! Still going through the app.

The Events page header still scrolls out of view. This is inconsistant with the other four pages and also annoying.:slightly_smiling_face:


having issues the the SD card. sometimes says no card, then starts working.

random on my 10 cams, don’t see a pattern

Now I’m seeing that sometimes it works, and sometimes not. Clicked on playback, and is says no card, then press playback again, and its ok.

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Yep I see pretty much the exact same behavior. It’s random as heck.

from multicamera view to click for a single camera view, takes forever to load, much worse than before

For Bulb Wake up, is the time you set the bulb turns on, or reaches max brightness?

So I was just in the app and the wake option seems to have disappeared, but 3June is the latest update… I’m confused what happened, but my bulbs seem to waking up, I just can’t edit anything. @WyzeAndy

Having the same issue as dchauge above. Updated a few days ago and the sleep routine/wake settings were visible. Now it is nowhere to be found in any of the menus, however, I still see references to it in “Rules History”

Same issue with Sleep option missing after configuring it. A bit annoying, as I was testing it at 03:51 AM in my bedroom… 100% Ivory, everyday… I only have myself to blame. Clearing the cache and reinstalling the application did not resolve the issue.

The wife is getting angry, please hurry.

2.12.3 did not fix the missing sleep/wake mode