16 Cameras all went "offline" at once

All 16 of my cameras at same location, on same wifi went "offline on my Iphone this morning. Went to facility thinking it was a wifi router issue and all is fine with that, Wifi is working and I can access all of my cameras while at my facility using wifi and looking on my Iphone but they still show “offline in the app. Turned off wifi on my Iphone to see if I could connnect thru the cloud but no good, all cameras show"offline” still.

Anyone have any suggestions as to where to start trouble shooting? Thanks in advance…

I just had a similar problem but with Alexa devices. Make long story short, my ISP had pushed something to my modem which turned back on its built-in WiFi, which I had disabled when I moved to Eero mesh WiFi.
Try Power Cyclingone or two to see if that does anything. Failing that I would suggest trying to restart your Modem and your WiFi. You don’t say if you are using a combination setup but the cams do require access to initialize. Don’t know why you would be able to access from your facility, which I assume is your office or other outside location from which you are accessing your cams via internet. Next thing i would try probably would be rebooting your phone or other device, followed by deleting and reinstalling the app.
Lots of shooting in the dark- hope it helps!

Patience grasshopper, it is a known phenomenon that mysteriously happens and then, magically manages to cure itself… Damn frustrating I might add


Oh Senseii - you are here at last!:blush::blush:

Miraculously this am all 16 came back online on their own, I did absolutely nothing! Must be gremlins!

Yes, for sure😜