12 seconds recording and 5 minute gap between events

Dear Wyze developers, I am a reseller and security consultant, I have tried all the wifi cameras you can imagine, and I am very happy with your product, I use it for myself, I recommend and resell it.
It is very important that you consider and accept all comments from us (customers), this keeps our loyalty to you.
My last suggestion and claim was the short recording time of the events (12 seconds), I ask and suggest it be longer.
Also, an interval of 5 minutes between the records of consecutive events is absolutely unacceptable, because in less than that time any event ends, without leaving a record.
Your response was to pay for better service (or continuous recording on the SD card) …
Extending the recording time, and shortening the gap, is not expensive for you, and you should modify it as part of and complement your excellent product and attention without extra charges.
Please keep these 2 recommendations in mind, I’m sure, it will be great for you and for all of us!

See this:


This is a paid service at a reasonable price. At the low price points that Wyze maintains, they are not going to be able to offer this for free. Recording to the microSD card installed in a camera is free after the one time cost of the card.


When you multiply that small cost over the entire user base it is very expensive, that is why they went to CMC that the customers asked for, so they do listen to the customers. It is not something they can do for free though.


When you have more than 6 cameras that I may want CMC on all of them then it cost more than Ring’s $10 max a month for as many as 10+ cameras. There is currently no minimum amount for multiple cameras with wyze.

This is something that has been brought up and you can go vote for it here:

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