12 second video

My iphone no longer shows a 12sec video. I just see an image.
Timing is suspect with latest update, but cant be sure.
The option under event recording does not show video or image.
Oddly the shared phones still see a video, leading me to think it is related to my app.
I have everything up to date, and verified my subscription (Lite).
I am frustrated that there is no email to contact, no phone to call, the “Chat” misunderstands my trouble.


The phone number for support is 206-339-9646
6:00AM-6:00PM Monday-Friday. 8AM-4PM Sat & Sun.
Sometimes it takes a long time on hold and sometimes not.

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Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @mike.n.sue! :raising_hand_man:

Since you have already verified that the cams in question are listed in the Services page under the Cam Plus Lite subscription, have you power cycled the cams to see if they reset with a fresh boot?

Emailing Wyze: Go to the Chat (only thru a browser, never thru the App). Don’t type in your issue. Type in Email Wyze. When it suggest something and asks if that helped, Click No. It will suggest something else and ask again. Click No. It will then offer a button to Contact Support. Click it. In the choices it offers, Email will be an option. Click it and fill out the Email Form.