100% Solar Powered Wyze Cam Pan

Here are some pictures.


Hi, just wondering how your camera is working. I’m building something similar and appreciate you sharing yours. Does the panel and battery meet your power needs?

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So far so good. The panel meets the needs but I had to add another battery (the same one) for it to stay on during extended cloudy days.


Cool, great job!

I’ll let ya know if I come up with something better. Appreciate all the info



That is impressive. I did not look at the other comments. Can that solar panel produce enough to power multiple cameras?

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Hey Qipugilist,

It depends. How many cameras, what version, night vision on/off, are they always connected to WiFi?


I own and just purchased two more Wyze and one pan camera. Will run cameras 24/7.

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24/7 operation? Why review only at the installation site? I would want to see who passed the installation from my home. Could you add a motion detection light at low wattage? Could you make it a “challenge” system to open a gate?
System: Hello, this is the Kenner residence. I am informing Mr. Kenner of your arrival. Please state your name…Thank you [Bob Marley]. Here is Mr. Kenner."
Talk on intercom feature: --Hi, it’s Bob. Open sesame seeds!
–Come on in, buddy.
System: The gate is lifting. Please proceed.
This could be a great kit for Wyze to sell.

Battery size determines how many days you can go with no sun. Solar panel size determines how fast the battery gets recharged back to full. If your battery has 3 days reserve, then the solar panel need to power the camera AND charge the battery back to full STARTING on the 4th day. What is the risk of another multi-days of overcast days? in 1, 2, 3, or 4, or 5, or more days? The quicker you want to be back to full charge, reducing that risk, the larger the solar panel need to be. The 12V to USB 5V adapter has some efficiency loss as well. Have to take account for the following: cams max drain, 12V-to-5V adapter efficiency, battery reserve, solar recovery, We can back off from the worst case ($$$) if we are willing to run out the extension cord if we design a warning light to comes on.

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I was told that trying to run these cameras without wifi wouldn’t work. Let us know how it goes.

im also trying to build a similar setup, the wyze cam works well, in the solar charger controller, but the wyze pan cam wont, any sugggestions??

Both the Wyze cam and the Wyze Pan use the same power cube, 5V 1A, is that correct? Please provide more detail on “don’t work” for the Pan. It would not even power up? Power up but no panning? Work OK in every way but last only a short time?

The Pan draws more power than the V2, that could be the problem



SO, the Pan draws higher current. The charged battery should be able to source the necessary amperage. Unless, the cable to the Pan is long and/or the wire gauge is thin where there is a large voltage drop by the time it got to the camera.

The battery can supply more than enough current, sure, but the USB ports on the solar controller may not. What are they rated at? I have one of those same solar charge controllers somewhere in my parts bins, but I don’t remember the ratings.

I concur. Most of these solar controllers have a solar panel input, battery connection, and the controller output to the load. Even if the battery has sufficient AH, the bottle neck can be at the load connection output of the controller. Check the spec.

All of my cameras, V2 and Pan, came with the same USB power supply. 5V @ 1A.

From the specs for the Pan:

Power Adapter Input 110-240V (AC/DC)
Power Adapter Output 5V/2000mA

I believe you but both of my Pan cameras came with 1 amp adapters.