1 part Door Contact hidden in door jam

I would like to see a one part cylinder door contact. I envision a 3/8”cylindrical x 1 1/2” deep plunger/ button style wifi door contact switch. You drill a 3/8” hole in door jam and push this in frame. Door shuts and contact
makes. A few company’s make this style, but its hidden and could work with any
swing open style door. See example in attached photo.

I like the suggestion.

In the meantime, I saw this on Etsy which is used with Wyze Contact Sensors…

Here is a Youtube Video of it

Might be an option

Thank you very much! Thats exactly what I need. Great find!

Thanks Rob

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My Pleasure, hope it works out. However, the V2 Sensors will be different, not sure if the same enclosure will work. I am sure someone will come up with a similar enclosure. But wanted to make sure you knew, especially if you upgrade to the V2 Sensors.

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Hidden is nice for not advertising who you use, adds a tiny bit more work for someone looking to defeat it.


I like the fit and finish look with the hidden aspect as an added feature

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