Recessed wyze sense

I wanted to hide my sensor a little better so i made this hope it helps.


Nice job :+1: .
I was thinking about doing something like this But had not figured out a way to be able to pull the sensor back out to change battery , I don’t have a 3 D printer .
I didn’t see where you mentioned What you did with the other half In the door edge
I was thinking it would be best To just use A quarter inch diameter rare earth magnet counter bored Into the door edge
Because you have a raised edge close to where The hole is , I don’t think a router would work Very good , I don’t think my laminate trimmer would even work , If you made a thick Template And use a guide it Would work , Once the template was made You could do all your doors in a snap


The magnet side is the same thing just smaller to fit the magnet but in the video I hadn’t finished the door side so the magnet was just taped in the whole which also works but just not as clean. But yes it is just a magnet so you can do whatever is easiest. I actually have a bunch of magnets from my alarm days that you just drill a 3/4 inch hole and push it in that you could probably buy a bunch of them online pretty cheap.

I may work on a whole new case design that is more like a cylinder so you can just drill a whole and push it in but it will take some time. I will let you know if i ever get around to doing it.

That would be slick too .
I have a couple of doors that already have Magnets in the door edge from my old wired Alarm

it is still a work in progress but it fits nicely. I am looking into better ways of keeping the lid on (too tight now) and i am almost done with the magnet side.


That’s really slick there , Nice job

I have a much simpler and cleaner design coming please don’t use the one where you have to remove the components

:popcorn: :smile:

I need to stop thinking of new ideas so i can sleep. Here is a reworked simplified bracket that accomplishes my desire to have it recessed and easy to install and doesn’t require you to take the sensor apart and place it in a new housing. it is the same install process just drilling some 7/8" holes and slide it in.


Here is a new video for how to install version 2.0 of my recessed bracket


I updated my design to solve some small issues

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