1 month timelapse problem importing in Premiere


I set up 1 month timelapse, Everything seems to work fine. I retrieved the mp4 video at the end of the period to find out that some frames of the video are not aligned correctly (even the time/date superimposion is not aligned) I really think of this as a bug.
Any experience with this

I Just found the problem is in Adobe Premiere not playing the file!
Video Jumps back and forth and It’s impossible to edit it. Anyone has found a solution ?

Hi Ettore;

Do you get any sound with your video?

When I use the Wyze app on my iPhone to record a portion of the “View Playback” then download the file to my HP laptop and import into Adobe Premiere Elements 2020, I get the video but there is no sound. The same downloaded file on my laptop play fine using VLC media player V 3.0.8. Nero 12 also has no sound.

Other video’s I record with my iPhone camera work fine in Adobe. I suspect it’s a audio codec issue???

Thanks for any help.

Same here, no audio just in Premiere.

That’s what I was gonna suggest, but you beat me to it…