Zoom Detail - ROI/AOI for data rate?

Hey All,
I use a Dlink camera to monitor my front door and our parking area. On the Dlink its only 720P but has a 60 degree FOV, so I can see out ~75-100ft with decent clarity to see whos over our house, in laws, parents, ect. but using the Wyze, I get a large FOV but with more resolution, but when I zoom in, everything is mushy and not quite as clear as with the Dlink. I know the bandwidth, data rate, whatever you want to call it is limited due to the cloud aspect of the camera, but Im wondering if there is a way to make an option to zoom in and get full resolution of a smaller area so we can see details farther away.
Im trying to see the cars that would be parked out by the red barn in the center of the image.

You may want to take a look at this and vote for it.


that was kinda what gave me the idea haha, thanks, voted